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Current issue:

Volume 1, Number 2

December  2020

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The Journal of Terraced Landscapes

About this journal

Editorial board

Editors of the journal:

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Lucija Ažman Momirski, University of Ljubljana

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Timmi Tillmann

Editorial assistant: Dr. Tomaž Berčič, University of Ljubljana


Editorial board:

Giorgia De Pasquale, (Ph.D.)

Raimund Rodewald, (Ph.D.)

Lidia Romero, (Ph.D.)

Sonam Tashi, (Ph.D.)

Vesna Zupanc, (Ph.D.)

Sabina Asins, (Ph.D.)

Ueno Yuji, (Ph.D.)


Editors of Review Section

Sabina Asins, (Ph.D.)

Augusto Pérez Alberti

Maruja Salas, (Ph.D.)


Scientific Council of the journal:

Romana Harfouche (Ph.D.)

Carlos Herz Saenz (Ph.D.)

Wei Wei (Ph.D.)

John Earls (Ph.D.)

Carmen Morales (Ph.D.)

Mario Tapia (Ph.D.)

Michel Pimbert (Ph.D.)










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